Announcing a new, revamped search experience in the Power BI service

In September 2018, we launched the public preview of global search, a feature that enables users to easily search across all the content they have access to within their organization. Since its release, we’ve seen tens of thousands of users leverage this feature to discover and navigate to their data. However, the current experience of performing a search is not that intuitive in the Power BI service; it always requires users to first navigate to Home and then use the search box. Starting today, that will no longer be the case.

I’m excited to announce that we’re rolling out a new, revamped search experience that allows users to search for reports, dashboards, apps, and workspaces from any page in the product! That’s right – we’re making the global search truly global.

Feature Overview

Going forward, global search will be located in the top header of the Power BI service. By default, the search box will be in minimized state and will only expand when you click or tab inside the box.

Zero-query: Recent
When expanding the search box for the first time, you will see your last five most recently visited artifacts. This is known as the “zero-query” experience. Once you type in a keyword and navigate to a search result, that result will now become your most recent item. The feature provides you with a quick way navigate to content that you searched for before.