Business Performance Dashboards for Quickbooks

Information at your fingertips, Anytime, Anywhere

CEOs and accountants need to have information at their fingertips so that they can assess the progress of the company and take any corrective actions required promptly if required. Management accounts need to be readily available any time during the month, not several days after month-end.

At Realign Consulting we specialise in providing data analytics and business insights through powerful Management dashboards. In today’s post-COVID era, having a detailed understanding of clients’ purchase patterns, improving efficiencies, and cutting back on unnecessary costs and wastage will be key to survival and to be back on a recovery path.

Having quick and easy access to company data is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve efficiencies and increase profit margins. The ability to turn raw information into actionable intelligence is essential to understanding how to better serve customers, reduce costs, and streamline processes. Most mid-sized companies generate a mass of data daily in their Quickbooks software. If you don’t take advantage of your data, it can represent missed opportunities and hurt your bottom line.

HyperView Business Analytics software connects directly to your Quickbooks software and reads directly from the software database. As soon as accounting transactions are entered by the accounting team the dashboards are refreshed with the latest information. This allows the management team to make decisions based on the latest information available.

HyperView dashboards comprise of the following:

    • Sales Analysis
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Accounts Payable
    • Inventory Analysis and Management
    • Income Statement
    • Balance Sheet

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