Power BI Mobile – you are in control

We put great emphasis on building delightful experiences in Power BI mobile apps. Our goal is to help you achieve maximum productivity by providing simple and intuitive data and insight consumption experiences.

But different people have different needs and habits, and the experience one person prefers and enjoys is not always as easy to use for someone else. Therefore, we have decided to put you in control and allow you to decide how some elements in the Power BI mobile app behave.

Introducing Interaction settings

Recently we’ve added a new section to mobile app settings called Interaction. This section has several items that you can configure to define how the app behaves:

Single tap in reports (phone only): When single tap is turned on, you tap only once on a visual, button, or slicer to start interacting with its data. When single tap is turned off, you have to tap twice – once to select the visual and again to start interacting with its data.

Docked report footer (phone only): Choose whether you want the report footer to stay fixed at the bottom of the report, or to hide and reappear based on your actions in the report, such as scrolling.
If you choose to have the footer fixed, it will be hidden only when you view a report in full screen. In all other cases, it will always be visible on the screen, so all actions will be easily available for you.

Report refresh (Android phone only): Choose how to refresh reports. You can either add a refresh button to the report header or use the pull-to-refresh action (pulling down slightly from top to bottom) in the report page.