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Delivering agility across the organisation

With analytics and management dashboards, an organization is better able to exploit the valuable information sitting is its various databases such as the ERP, accounting software, Human management software, CRM etc… — Analytics help to monitor the performance of the company against their set strategy and action plans and deliver insights on new opportunities for income or elimination of wastage.

Talk to us to see how can your organization use analytics to help deliver deeper insights to enable more effective decision making.

HyperView Accounting Analytics

We support our clients achieve operational performance excellence through the implementation of expert data visualisation and dashboards. Our Accounting and business performance dashboards provide concise, accurate and a clear view of business performance so that executives and managers can get the information they need “at-a-glance”.

HyperView Accounting Analytics connect to SAGE, Sicorax accounting and Quickbooks.

Modules included:

  • Income Statement ‘This year’ vs ‘Last Year’
  • Income Statement ‘This year’ vs ‘Budget’
  • Balance Sheet
  • Sales Analysis (per client, per product, per category)
  • Debtors management (aging)
  • Creditors Management
  • Inventory (value and quantity, Aging)
  • Purchases Analysis

HyperView HR Analytics

HyperView HR provides insight on all aspects of Human resources management.

Modules included:

  • Leaves management
  • Absenteeism
  • Employee Performance management
  • Training management
  • Employee profile

Role-Specific Interactive Dashboards

Today, almost every department within a company can benefit from increased performance and insights with the use of Business Intelligence dashboards. At Realign Consulting, we designed role-based BI dashboards that display real-time analytics to its user, with absolutely no data expertise required.

Human Resources
Sales & Marketing
Customer Service

Industry Dashboards

Discover our BI dashboard reports by industry. Experiment with relevant KPIs, data sources, and visualisations specific to your very own industry.

Offshore Management
Banking & Finance
Real Estate
Quality Management