Promote your reports, dashboards, and apps on Power BI Home

To foster a healthy data culture, it’s important for organizations to provide a way for users to quickly find reliable and high-quality data that answers their business questions. In Power BI, most users start discovering their data mining journey on Home – a personalized landing page that provides one-click access to metrics that matter the most.

When Home was first introduced in September 2018, a significant number of report authors and administrators requested for an ability to control what content shows up on Home for their end users. Organizations also wanted to customize the first-run experience for new users entering the service.

Today, I’m excited to announce that we’re delivering on this request by introducing Featured content on Power BI Home. Now, administrators or designated promoters will have a dedicated section on Home to promote reports, dashboards, and apps and set the default recommended content for their end users. By setting default content, organizations can ensure new users will discover relevant content and have a standardized experience for navigating within the service. You can even add descriptions and snapshots to reports and dashboards that show up in this section!